Our Products

Over the years we have developed many products for a variety of companies and organizations. Below is a sample of the products we have produced to meet various customers' needs.

Microwave Synthesizers
Frequency synthesizers comprise the bulk of our business. we have designed products from 10 MHz to 20 GHz for deployment on land, sea and air. From low frequency DDS to ultra fast switching direct to wideband PLL synthesizers, we cover the spectrum.
Multi-Channel Coherent Converters
Frequency converters have also become a foundational product at Syntech Microwave. Since early 2000, our designs have evolved from simple single frequency block translators to dynamic multi channel multi source coherent converters. To date over 1000 units have been produced and shipped to help counter the growing threats to our nation. We are proud to be part of this effort.
Space Beacons
Since 2001 we have been producing space qualified beacons for atmospheric and ionospheric research. These designs vary according to mission parameters, the latest of which adheres to the Cubesat specifications.

Our Space Beacons are equipped with a high reliability and radiation resistant design and are manufactured to NASA quality standards.