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CERTO Space Beacon

Syntech Microwave has participated in many important and highly involved space and scientific programs. Several of our Tri-Band CERTO beacons were installed on satellites launched into orbit as part of the COSMIC program which enabled measurement, study and characterization of earths ionospheric activities.

The pictures below show the original CERTO beacon along with the COSMIC satellite in which they were installed.

CERTO Beacon Sat Assembly

These pictures show the launch of the six COSMIC satellites and a rendering of their deployment in space.

COSMIC Launch Deployed Satellites

CERTO Gen 2 Space Beacon

The original CERTO Beacon was reconfigured for use on sounding rockets. Several beacons were produced for this application and launched from various installations around the world. The pictures below are of the CARE rocket and its launch from Virginia over the Atlantic Ocean

CARE Rocket CARE Launch

Over the years Syntech has manufactured a variety of different space beacons and hardware for various organizations. We feel proud to be able to play a role in current scientific research and studies of Earth's atmosphere and space.

Image of a Dual Band beacon designed for Advanced Research Labs (Left) and CERTO Gen2 beacons (Right).

ARL Beacon Flat Beacon

Below are beacons designed to the Cubesat standard for deployment by various research organizations.

Cubesat_1 Cubesat_2

Agile Converters

Over the last 15 years, Agile Frequency converters have grown to be a major product line at Syntech Microwave. We are not aware of any products today equalling the performance / size / cost advantage demonstrated by these converters

Original 3 channel, 1 source converter (Left). Later Version with 6 channels and 2 sources. Shown with 6 ch. preselector (Right).

Rev C Rev D Converter

Our more recent Compact Converter includes 2 channels with 2 LO sources (Left). 3 stacked for 6 channels and 6 sources (Right).

Compact Converter Triple Compact

Frequency Synthesizers

Below are images of synthesizer products designed for various customers over the years

Dual synthesizer used in millimeter wave data radios (Left). 400 MHz to 18 GHz synthesizer used in naval missle systems (Right).

Dual Synth CSG Synth

8 to 15 GHz synthesizer used in naval comm systems (Left). Ultra fast switching synthesizer used for spectrum monitoring (Right).

1st LO Synth 2nd LO Synth

Other Products

In the past we have produced various products used in the technology and communications field. Many of these are still in production and we believe they are an important part of our customer commitment and an accurate display of the kind of work we do.

X30 Multiplier X84 Multiplier 9 GHz PLL VCO SRD Mults Cavity