About Syntech Microwave

Syntech Microwave is an RF Microwave company that specializes in highly integrated RF/Microwave components. We design, assemble, and test all products on site to ensure they meet or exceed all customer specifications.



Syntech Microwave was started in 1984 specializing in the design of high performance frequency synthesizers. The name " Syntech " was derived from its main technical focus, Synthesizer Technology. In addition to synthesizers, the following years brought many opportunities to fill needs with various custom products covering a wide spectrum of the RF/Microwave field.

SMI incorporated in May of 1998, and moved into high gear with the development of high performance dual synthesizers used in millimeter-wave radios deployed world-wide. Nearly 3000 units were delivered over the lifetime of this program.

In 2002, work began on the development of highly specialized multi-octave frequency converters enabling spectrum surveillance in hostile environments. These products, designed, manufactured and tested in house have become a primary product line. The early design, still in production today, has expanded to multi channel / multi source phase coherent versions complete with active multi channel preselectors. Over 1000 units have been deployed for intelligence gathering on surveillance platforms such as drones, naval vessels and various covert installations.

8 Rebel Rd

In 2006 Syntech Microwave finally moved to its permanent home on Rebel Road in Hudson, NH and continues to deliver high quality components and products to its customers.

The products developed and manufactured by Syntech Microwave continue to meet the needs of customers including Boeing, General Dynamics, NEC and Thales as well as organizations such as Naval Research Labs (NRL), Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA.

Our Capabilities

Syntech Microwave has a reliable track record, with most products still in production for over 15 years. It is the company's goal to build and manufacture the best equipment possible. All products are built and tested to exceed customer specifications. We are proud of our track record and grateful for the commitment our customers have shown us over the years.

With fully equipped workbenches, specialized equipment and trained personnel, Syntech Microwave's capabilities exhibit professionalism, reliability, and commitment.


Syntech Microwave has over 35 years of experience in the field of RF and Microwave engineering. Our equipment has years of proven reliability on land, at sea, in the air and to the outer reaches of space. If interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.