Syntech Microwave Incorporated

Based in Hudson, NH, Syntech Microwave specializes in highly integrated RF and Microwave devices. We design, manufacture, and test all units in house to our own quality standards thus insuring complete customer satisfaction.

A privately held company, Syntech Microwave has customers across the US and many of our products are deployed in critical applications across the globe. It is our purpose and goal to develop only the best products possible and to make sure we can take all customers' jobs through the entire process from concept, to design and through to completion. We specialize in:

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  • Highly Integrated products
  • Custom Designs
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Reliable Support

Over the years we have delivered thousands of RF converters, synthesizers and numerous space beacons. Our experience and capabilities enable us to develop high quality, reliable equipment for applications including space, scientific research, defense and more.

Custom Design vs. Standard Products

While our heritage has been custom design to spec, we have accumulated robust, proven designs which can be repurposed for a more generic market. As a result, we are developing a series of standard products intended for off-the-shelf applications. Check out what's new.

Current Production

Some of the current products we have include: Multi-channel Coherent Frequency Converters, Wide-band Synthesizers, and Space Flight Hardware including units adhering to Cubesat specifications.

SMI unit

Multi-Channel Coherent Converters


Multi-Channel Compact Converter


Wide-band Synthesizers


Space Beacons